"I was referred to this place by a co-worker and love it so far. Kimber is a wonderful trainer and definitely takes each and everyone’s fitness journey seriously. This place keeps me motivated and I love how it accommodates my busy schedule. If you are looking for a place to help motivate and educate you on staying consistent with living a more healthier and fit lifestyle, this place is it."



"Kimber J I appreciate the amount of time you’re spent meeting with us at the gym! This type of exercising is all new to me! Thank you for answering all of our questions and demonstrating all of the moves for us! I can truly say, my body is already starting to feel strong and look SEXY for the first time in a long time! Theses GREAT straining sessions has been LIFE changing! It’s noting like biting over 500 calories per session! I am still telling all over my friends and coworkers about Demand Great Health and Fitness.Thank You So Much for Blessing me and my Body!"



I'm so ready

"Kimber is absolutely AMAZING! I have been to so many other gyms in the area , but this one is top notch. Kimber really does care about helping you reach your goals. She doesn’t just put you on a plan and send you on your way. She really takes the time to educate you and create a plan that is just for YOU! She holds you accountable, and it has motivated me to take responsibility over my health journey. You’re really missing out if you are not here !"

-Shana B.

*Results may vary, but are Guaranteed 😉

This place is amazing! We are more than gym! We are family! With shredding and lifting my results have been life changing!

-Kim Patterson


*Results may vary, but are Guaranteed 😉


Transform Me!

"I started in May and after two months I saw a HUGE difference. I would recommend this place to everyone!!! It is the Bomb Dot COM!! Kimber keeps the exercises different every time you come and you can burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes. I love it!!!"


"This is an amazing place to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, starting over or just wanting to go to the next level...this is the place for you! Very clean environment with great equipment. It's not just a gym. You receive fitness AND nutrition resources. You leave each session confident and never have to worry about gym/body shaming. So, what are you waiting on?...come on in and get this great health and fitness :)"

-Chris H.

"Such a safe, judge free environment. Its been about a month, and everyday I am excited to come in through those doors and grow with these amazing people everyday. Forever grateful for Coach for pushing me to be my greatest in every way. Definitely the #1 place to go to in Hampton!"

-Laura P.

*Results may vary, but are Guaranteed 😉


Schedule a 1-1 Body Analysis & learn your Water Weight, Muscle Mass, Body Fat, Metabolism, and more! Know exactly how long you have until your Sexy New Body (seriously)! *Results may vary, but Results are Guaranteed or we work for FREE until it happens! 😉

"I have never been this happy to workout!

The environment, whether you’re there to lift, shred, or just weigh in for the week, is always welcoming, positive, and motivational. There’s nothing but consistent upbeat vibes. It all combines to help you press toward the mark.

I participate in group workouts (shred sessions😎) either in person or from my home virtually. I love having options and you sweat just the same! I burn 500+ calories every session. I’ve also shaved 2 minutes off my mile run, increased my stamina, built up my endurance, and fixed my running form. That was a huge goal reached for me.

The best part about Demand Great Health & Fitness is you can start at any fitness level; all you have to do is start. And don’t worry, Kimber’s got you!"

-Trecee G.

"I Have been attending sessions here since January of this year. My 11 year old son for 3 months now for sports training. Positive environment and great outcomes. Never dull. Feel guilty when I can’t make it in. Would highly recommend."


"If you are looking for a personal trainer, look no further than Kimber J! She will keep you focused, motivated, and push you past your goals."


*Results may vary, but are Guaranteed 😉


What do I need to do?

"Demand Great has challenged me to overcome my fear of running, weights, and machines. The shred classes are fulfilling. All of the trainers demand GREATNESS and are the BEST. I especially enjoy the teamwork and friendly atmosphere. I have lost 30 lbs and A LOT of inches. Looking GREAT at 43! Striving for a healthy life...PERIOD!"



I want to feel great again!

"I am celebrating my 1 year membership anniversary at Demand Great Health and Fitness and loving it! I love the family closeness among the members and oh don't forget the fun we have during our workout sessions. Come see for yourself and experience Great Health and Fitness."

-Regina S.


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Schedule a 1-1 Body Analysis & learn your Water Weight, Muscle Mass, Body Fat, Metabolism, and more! Know exactly how long you have until your Sexy New Body (seriously)! *Results may vary, but Results are Guaranteed or we work for FREE until it happens! 😉