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Everything You Need To Know On How We Practice Gym Safety

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At Demand Great Health & Fitness, we believe in:

  • SAFE workouts that everyday athletes can progress from with little to no risk of injuries.
  • Instilling physical & mental STRENGTH into everyday athletes so that no one leaves the same way they came.
  • EFFICIENT workouts that maximize time & impact.

We’re proud to serve active duty & retired military, civil workers, medical practitioners & police officers with crushing their goals.

Our Shred Program Guarantees You will:

  1. Drop Body Fat & Tone Muscle Mass.
  2. Nutrition Coaching that gives you The Answers.
  3. See Results!
    Join the Team & Let's get you back to Looking Great Naked Again!

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Become A Great Ahtlete 

The Ultimate Package! Access Everything You Need To Feel 10 out of 10 Naked Again, Guaranteed.

Fitness Coaching:
  • Challenging 45min HIIT Workouts
    • Learn proper Weight Lifting + Abs/Core Strengthening + Intense Cardio... Everytime!
    • Fun Loving, Motivated Teammates who have the same goals as you.
      (*No judging b/c they all started where you are.) 
  • Weekly Nutrition Coaching 
    • Easy to use Nurition Guides with Color-matching categories 
    • Meet 1-1 with your Shred Coach via Zoom
    • Our system automatically pulls your MyFitnessPal entry Everyday.

      No more sending pictures! 🙄

  • Additional Perks
    • Exclusive Merch from Challenges & Individual Accomplishments
    • Team Mini-Events to Celebrate the Most Improved Player
    • Big Team Events Celebrating exclusive Awards & your Results!  
    • Access To 24/7 On-Demand Workouts & Mobility Movements
    • Exclusive Discounts & Perks from our Community Sponsors
    • Get $100 everytime a New Teammate joins because of You! 

Look & Feel Great Naked Again!

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